FLORIDANOMICS is your virtual economic advisor.
Our exclusive service is accessible online 24/7, and available at a fraction of the cost of an in-house economist or a consultant.

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FLORIDANOMICS is the premiere economic knowledge hub for all business executives, professionals, and decision makers with present or future operations and investments in the State of Florida.

From daily research and analysis, to audio and video commentaries, to community enhanced discussions, we will help you align your strategies and tactics with the economic realities of Florida. FLORIDANOMICS places emphasis on the strategic concept that the State of Florida is part of an increasingly globalized world in which external factors, such as those of Latin America and Europe, play a significant role. FLORIDANOMICS is user-friendly, interactive, customizable, informative and comprehensive. It is our goal to make your experience seamless and pleasurable while still providing top-of-the line content. Stop fishing through tons of websites looking for the information you need; FLORIDANOMICS conveniently presents it to you in one place.


  • EconBriefs

    Keeping you ahead of the competition with expert selections of economic news. These are summaries of the most important news from around the world relevant to a unique region and industry of Florida. Our experts provide insightful economic analysis, breaking down the numbers and determining exactly what they mean to you and your business. It is through the EconBriefs that we aid you in building short-term tactics and long-term strategies, placing you ahead of competitors every step of the way.

  • Econommunity

    It's all about sharing with the leaders. The Econommunity is one of the most innovative aspects of FLORIDANOMICS. This is where users can share their questions and opinions in an open forum with other business leaders. Use the Econommunity interactive chat room to present perspectives, offer advice, or discuss issues. It offers the same experience as a conference, a meeting, or a symposium without having to travel anywhere and with access to it at any time. FLORIDANOMICS experts will also present and moderate these discussions.

  • Business Barometer (Coming soon)

    We are the Economic knowledge hub for Florida... and the Business Barometer is a major component of it. It is our statistical database with an assembly of choice economic data and market indicators that have been pre-selected by our economic experts. Each set of indicators will be followed by a brief outlook and an arrow showing trends, helping you to assess what the numbers mean for your business, industry, region and the State of Florida as a whole. This is an essential section which will aid you in presentations and quick up-to-date data.

  • SoundEconomics

    Our full economic media platform at your service. The user will find information to help make business decisions in Florida based on facts. There are podcasts on key economic issues, videos applicable to a variety of economic topics, infographics that present useful information in an easy-to-understand manner, pertinent presentations by our economists and more.

  • Experts

    Our team of renowned business economists offer opinions and advice on issues that are relevant to you. The Tony's Take section is the blog of our principal economic advisor, Dr. Tony Villamil, who has a proven track record as an economic expert. More can be found in the Presentations section, with past and present speeches by Dr. Villamil, as well as a calendar of events where he and our other experts will be presenting. And as always, we believe that interaction with you is vital. Whenever you have a pertinent economics question that could help with your planning, please, all you need to do is ask and Dr.Villamil will blog about it!

  • The Darwinian

    Our monthly newsletter where you will get in-depth economic knowledge and forecasts for your business.  A perfect way to assist your strategic plans by providing an assessment of the economic environment on a medium-to-long term basis, exploring overarching trends that can help position your business for maximum profits and growth. This is an essential tool for business planning and long-term strategic development.

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